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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A little unsettling

So I'm flipping through my latest copy of InStyle last night and I stop looking at all the pretty pretty consumer goods long enough to read an interview with Vince Vaughn. Now, I loved him in "Swingers" but have felt that he's gotten all puffy ever since, so he's already pushing it. But this interview leaves me...perplexed.

The format was a long list of questions about what was his favorite TV show, song, car, etc etc. In response to the question as to his favorite book, he puts down Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead. Um, okay. I guess we all went through that period, but most of us do it when we're 14. But cutting him some slack - maybe he just wanted to sound intelligent and never actually has read the book, right?

The next question does nothing to quell my fears. When asked his favorite news source, he lists "Fox News and CNN." Again, I'm hoping that he just pulled the names of a few news stations out of the dark recesses of his brain in the efforts of trying to look smart. I realize that most Americans get what they think is the news from Fox, but somehow I thought that a Hollywood type would be different.

It's the final question that's the clincher for me. He won't give a favorite government leader, since "I keep my politics to myself - I am just an actor making movies." If his other answers hadn't been so blatantly right-wing, then I'd actually appreciate this reticence. But coming on top of the earlier responses, there's only one conclusion: Vince Vaughn is a Republican. Vince, say it ain't so!


  • At 3:49 AM, Anonymous Mags said…

    I like him. He kept it real in an interview on NPR from a couple of years ago. He also kept it real when I saw him getting carried out of a bar on Sunset. He's very good in "Wedding Crashers". I haven't seen such raunchy humor since "Something About Mary".

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