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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The claw

Last night, my dance troupe finally got the candles that we'll be performing with in a few weeks. (Did I mention that I belly-dance? Well, I do.) The candles aren't real in that they don't burn - they work off of batteries - but they are encased in glass containers. I kind of wish that they were real because I'm more worried about dropping the container and shattering the glass on the dance floor (we all dance barefoot. God, what a clusterfuck that would be) than catching on fire. Anyways, because it was the first time we were dancing with the candles, I clutched a little too much at them - I'm not sure how attractive a death grip is, but I'm thinking, it's not a good look. Should be a great performance! I also will be wearing a "tu" - a tutu that only covers half my body. Amongst other things, I hasten to add.


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