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Monday, December 06, 2004

Riding the white horse

Er, that's the SUGAR white horse. My parents just sent me a care package at my office. In theory, it's to lure me to LA for the holidays (as if I needed an excuse to go somewhere warm). In actuality, it's stuffed full with candy, including an advent calendar. Love advent calendars, those rule! I remember when my uncle Zizzi used to send them to us every Thanksgiving - they officially started off the xmas season in my mind.

Anyways, included in this package is a book of recipes to replace the ones I threw out in a bit of overzealous cleaning this fall. Which was very nice of my parents to put together. It's divided up in sections, one of which is "cakes/cookies," while another is "desserts." This is pretty indicative of my family's outlook on food. I remember one time visiting some family friends and being shocked, SHOCKED that they didn't always serve dessert. Who wants to live like that?

Have you guessed that I'm so highly sugared right now my skin's crawling? I love the holidays.


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