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Friday, July 29, 2005

A random act of kindness

Last night, a group of us piled into HotPantsEsquire's car and headed east toward FedEx Field. We were all excited about the DC United vs. Chelsea FC game - I was looking forward to seeing some real live soccer hooligans - but the energy in the car ebbed the longer we got stuck in traffic outside the stadium. The last mile or so took us about 40 minutes to drive.

So you can imagine how relieved we were to finally, FINALLY get to a parking lot. And then you can imagine how irritated we were when a car broke down in our lane, prolonging our trip even more.

Not in the best of moods, we eventually get to where we can pull into a parking spot...or at least where we should be able to do so. But we can't, because some guy decided, in his infinite wisdom, that his tailgate party should take up two spots. Apparently those little grills require a whole lot of space.

Our car is filled with snarky comments, which quickly taper off when the tailgater in question comes over, apologizes for the inconvenience, hands us a couple of icy cold Heineken keg cans, and clears out his grill so we can park.



It almost tainted my enjoyment of the free Heineken. Almost, but not quite.


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