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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Spring fever

Except it's kind of the fall. Today it's in the low 80s, with crystal clear, blue skies and little humidity. You know, exactly like the weather that is ubiquitous in California. And I'm in DC, why exactly?

When I was growing up, my mom would often pause and shake her head about how beautiful the weather was. She was raised in upstate NY and actually had to walk to school in yards of snow when it was minus 40 degrees out, so she took little for granted. Whereas us spoiled southern Californians would shrug and say, "What? It's sunny out, just like it was yesterday and like it'll be tomorrow. What's the big deal?" They're right; youth IS wasted on the young.

So far I've been averaging a two-hour lunch every day this week - I just can't stand to be indoors. I try and justify it as legitimate, since I've been eating with colleagues, but that doesn't make it right. Am I going to stop doing it? Hell naw.


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