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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My nasty little addiction


So they finally, FINALLY left the United States in last night's episode of TAR...and went all the way to Panama. Well, at least they didn't wimp out and take them to an English-speaking country. I really, really wish they would go to India as there always is a major meltdown at that portion of the race, but I have a feeling they won't do anything nearly as exotic.

Panama looked gorgeous but humid. I can feel the contestants' pain of running around a humid swamp on very little sleep - that's generally life in DC during the summer. I had a feeling that this would be a non-elimination round, since they've culled down the herd nicely and they have to have at least three of them. But they need to stop taking the last team's possessions and refusing to give them money for the next leg. I'm sure I've prattled on about this before, but it bugs me tremendously. Sure, take away the money they've managed to save up - that seems fair. But to make them become beggars does little to add to the show's excitement and usually treats the viewers to scenes of very uncomfortable-looking contestants hitting up locals who can ill-afford any handouts. It hasn't had any effect on previous shows; if anything, the losing team who has to panhandle for money usually comes out ahead. SIGH.


I'm not sure why the other teams loathe the Weavers. For some reason, while I'm quick to judge others and can pick on the lamest things as reasons to dislike someone, I kind of like the Weavers. I think they've done pretty well in difficult circumstances.

The Gaghans, on the other hand, just about lost it this episode. They made a serious tactical error in hoping that the Paolos would biff the Fast Forward, they were rather shrill on the boats across the Panama Canal, and overall seemed to be dragging.

And who'd have thought that the Paolos would still have been around at this stage in the race, much less coming in first? Although Mama Paolo needs to rethink things if she honestly believes that this race will cause her son to openly declare his love for her. While that is a lovely goal, there probably were easier ways for it to occur than to drag your family halfway around the world. I did snicker when their prize for coming in first was a trip for four...to Panama. Heh. Good thing they haven't already been there. At least the second time around they might get the chance to look around a bit. The only thing funnier was last week's episode, where the Bransen family (consisting of a middle-aged father and three daughters who are in their 20s) won a trip for four to Disneyworld. The forced enthusiasm over their "prize" was highly entertaining.


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