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Thursday, October 20, 2005


I have some furniture I'm trying to unload and, looking for the easy way out, would like to have one pick-up date arranged (hence my strenuous avoidance of putting anything on craigslist, which would require far more effort and salesmanship than I'm in the mood for currently). You know what? Donating things is far more complicated than you might imagine. The latest kink is that the Salvation Army refuses to make pick-ups in my neighborhood. Come on, it's not that rough! Comparatively speaking, that is. I mean, have you seen where their stores are located? Not generally in the swish parts of town. Sigh. You try and do well...

Anyways, enough griping. If anyone has recommendations for organizations that will come to your house and pick up, ahem, gently used furniture in the DC area, please drop me a line.


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