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Monday, October 03, 2005

Resistance is futile

The other day, I was trying to check out a friend's brother's band on MySpace.com, one of those Friendster knock-off sites, when Big Brother reared his ugly head. In order to register, I had to answer all sorts of personal questions. I realize that with all the time I spend on the interweb, a no-doubt scarily-complete profile exists of me - my purchases, my alma mater, my thoughts on The Amazing Race (sidenote: thank GOD they finally came out with a DVD of season 1 - about fucking time), etc. But I see no reason why I need to help them out with their marketing/plans to control the universe by cheerfully rendering tidbits about myself simply because I was asked.

So when MySpace.com decided it wanted to know when I was born, I made up a date that included this year. Big mistake. Denied! MySpace.com rather pissily informed me that users under 14 are not allowed to become members, and since I clearly would be capable of pulling myself out of the crib and getting to the computer as a six-month-old, I did not meet their exacting standards for membership.

The whole point of my registering would be so my friend's brother's band would get credit for MySpace users having checked them out. So I decided to swallow my moral umbrage and just register with my real birthdate already. No dice - still got the "no members under 14" message. I figured that it was tied to the email that I'd initially tried to register with, so I logged out and then gave it another whirl (with my work email. Very professional of me). Again, not allowed. Apparently whatever cookies it read on my machine were narcing me out to their system.

I guess I could have cleared out all my cookies and started all over, but that frankly seemed like more work than it was worth. Besides, that would necessitate me having to sign in again at all my websites and my precious, precious time cannot be wasted on the seconds that would require. So I just shuffled on and checked out the band as a second-class, non-MySpace.com member.

The band is pretty good though: Finkbinder. If you happen to be one of the exalted few with a MySpace.com membership, go give them a look-see.


  • At 3:29 PM, Blogger Scully said…

    Some guy I met in a bar and mentioned what company I worked out email me his site at work. As I have a very distinctive first and last name, he find me quickly.

    I chose not to sign up rather my company chose not to let me into the site.

    But I'll take a gander at home.

    I'm amazed at how much information I've given to the internet.

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