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Friday, September 23, 2005

Fight the power!

Anti-war march tomorrow, 1pm. And to reward you for doing good, free concert on the Mall starting at 2pm. www.unitedforepeace.org and www.opceasefire.org for more information. (I guiltily admit that the concert holds more interest to me. I mean, check out this line-up: THIEVERY CORPORATION - BOUNCING SOULS - JOAN BAEZLE TIGRE - THE COUP - STEVE EARLE - TED LEO + THE PHARMACISTSWAYNE KRAMER WITH THE BELLRAYS - LIVING THINGSSWEET HONEY IN THE ROCK - THE EVENS - MACHETRESHEAD-ROC - HOSTED BY JELLO BIAFRA)

And along those lines, from today's defectiveyeti.org:

Email from my aunt:
To: Matthew Baldwin

From: Val
Subject: I invented a new word

Rovenge (rO-'venj), n: Politically motivated retribution. The White House sought rovenge against Joseph Wilson.

Can you get this into the lexicon?

Start using it, people. And as long as nominations are open, I'd like to propose a term that popped into my head this morning while coloring with The Squirrelly:

White crayon ('hwIt 'krA-"än), n: A useless person or thing you are nonetheless required to have for the sake of completeness or tradition. With his approval ratings in the 30s and members of his own party turning against him, the Bush presidency is rapidly becoming a white crayon.

I can see that one coming in useful in the office environment.


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