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Monday, December 19, 2005

Bust out the fur

It's been below 60 for the past few days. Saturday it was damp and just overall unpleasant, which only partially explains the preponderance of furs I saw out that night. It reminded me of Italy. Any time it got the slightest bit chilly, all the Italians would haul out their furs for their Sunday pasaggio. One time I even saw a little drop-kick dog wearing a fur coat (in addition to the one he already owned).

Anyways, I'm off to sunnier pastures. The Texan and I leave today for the bright lights and big city of Vegas, where we'll be staying with DustBunny and RoadRunner for a couple of days. Cross your fingers that we arrive in LA - where we'll be spending xmas with the 'rents - with some money still in our bank accounts.

Happy holidays and safe travels to y'all (heh - that's the Texas coming out in me)...


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