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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Just call me MacGyver

Yesterday was my bellydance performance, and I was really excited to have an excuse to bust out my chandelier rhinestone earrings.* The last time I wore them was at Z-Ditty's wedding in Boston, and I danced so much there I - sorry, this is kinda gross - sweated one out of my ears and lost the backing. Warned you. Anyways, I got a new backing for it from one of my other earrings and thought it would be all systems go.

However, I hadn't really thought through how much the weight of the earrings would affect their ability to stay in the backing. Which is to say, one kept falling out off my ear. I thought, hey, it's a short song that I'll be dancing to (I think it's under 3 minutes) so if I can just keep it on....except I couldn't. During the dress rehearsal it fell into my cleavage about half-way through, and because I had candles in my hands, I couldn't really do anything about it. After we were done, I looked around for the backing but couldn't find it.

We had a cast meeting and some other stuff right after we had our tech rehearsal and it was during some down-time, when I was trying to think through different options, that I happened to glance down. Nestled in the ruffles on my top was the backing. A bellydance miracle! Except I still needed to figure out how to make the earrings stick in the backing.

I finally decided that nail polish poured down into the backing might make it viscous enough that the earring would stay where it was supposed to. Lo and behold, it worked! Once I got it in, though, I was afraid to take off the earrings until after the show because I didn't want to rub off the nail polish that was gluing it in. I am planning on wearing those earrings to our office holiday party this week so I've got to figure out a more permanent solution. Or just be ready to carry around nail polish with me when I want to wear those earrings.

* A good chunk of the fun of performing is having an excuse to sparkle the hell out of yourself. I call it my drag queen look. For example, this time I bought what I called demure sparkly fake eyelashes. Nothing but the best!


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