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Sunday, August 11, 2013

First family vacation

Well, we survived (and I would dare to say, enjoyed) our first family vacation.  The Texan and I thought we could handle a short road trip with the baby, so we picked a place that neither of us had been and that we could reach within a reasonable day's drive: Niagara Falls.  And we stayed on the Canadian side, so hey - international travel, check!

I was a little worried about the trip itself and a lot worried about how the rooming situation would work out.  The trip itself went fine, except La Principessa cried both times we drove through Buffalo (although, as the Texan pointed out, she surely isn't the first person to cry every time they drive through Buffalo).  Also, she lost. her. shit. when we were about a mile from our house on the way back home.  She was clearly done with the trip and ready to be home, as were we.* But really, she was quite good and happy to chirp to herself while the Texan and I drove along. 

The rooming situation ended up being fine too. We upgraded to a "suite" but it still meant that when she went to bed, we had to turn on the lights over our heads in bed and read quietly to ourselves. That actually was pretty relaxing and forced us to go to sleep fairly early. La Principessa even got used to sleeping in a pack and play that the hotel provided.**

Traveling with a baby is, shockingly, different from traveling without one. It forced us (okay, me) to slow down a bit. We scheduled something in the morning each day we were there and then took the rest of the day easy.  We drove up to Niagara on the Lake, which was indeed as pretty as advertised, and did the Maid of the Mist tour.*** La Principessa got to have a plastic tarp over her stroller and I broke down and bought the tacky tourist photo they take of you before you get on the boat because aw, look how cute she looks!

We've got some more travel scheduled for next month, including, god help us, airplane travel.  But this was a good first trip. 

* Along these lines, I have never seen such a happy kid as La Principessa when she realized she was back in her own crib. 

** At home, she likes to spin in circles in her crib, and usually does at least one full rotation per night. In the pack and play, she didn't have room to pull a full 360.

*** At least, once we found it. You would think with the huge waterfall, it would be easy to figure out where the boat was coming from.  Took us for-e-ver.


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