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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Save your drama for your mama

So last night, The Texan and I had just started a movie*.  It was a nice night, so we had the front door and the windows open to enjoy the breeze, and for some reason I'm still not sure of, we had the front porch light on.  Suddenly, we heard a woman's raspy voice shouting through the front door, "Can I please use your phone? I've been jumped!" I ran over there and there was a woman gasping for air, holding her shoes, jacket arm ripped. She didn't want us to call the cops - in fact, she was insistent that we not do that - but said she just had her van stolen and she needed to call someone to come pick her up. 

Now, it's late at night and there's a woman in distress pleading for help. What are you going to do? We invited her in and let her use my phone.  Our dog, Che, kept barking at her. I almost asked The Texan to put him in the yard but then figured that Che, who frightens most of our neighbors, might not be a bad thing to keep nearby. 

The woman asked for water and was hysterical. She kept sobbing that her friend had stolen her van and it had everything in there: her purse, wallet, phone, smokes, glasses, etc.  It sounded weird that a friend would steal your van - carjackers typically don't know their victims - but you never know. 

She was very polite and kept thanking us, even when she start puking (and thank god she ran outside to do that over the porch).  It took 45 minutes for her daughter to come get her.  We didn't really talk - she was far too upset to do that - but over the course of her repeated phone calls to various people, what I think was her real story came out. She mentioned at one point that she'd had a restraining order put against her and she wasn't allowed within 20 feet of a house just down the street from us (this is the house whose residents often have loud screaming matches out front and then when the cops show up, yell at them to show respect and that they've got their badge numbers). 

What I think happened, based on other details she said to us, was that she and a friend had been outside her ex-boyfriend's house. His current girlfriend and her friends started mixing it up with them, at which point the cops were called. Her friend took off in her van and she ran to avoid the cops. 

Her daughter eventually came and she sobbed one last thank you to us and left. 

We have all had bad nights, and I hope that this woman's got better when she left.  But I have to say that The Texan and I were talking that despite all the tumult in our lives going on right now, we are both so glad not to have that sort of drama going on. 

This is a very long-winded way of saying that today is The Texan's and my 9th anniversary.  Almost a decade!  We've had our ups and downs but overall, can't complain. :)

*11:30pm.  Yeah, that's right - living it up!  Of course, knowing that no matter what time you go to bed, your baby is going to wake up around 7am and want to eat does make you think through doing this verrry carefully.


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