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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Actually we're doing okay with the baby home.  The first couple of days were rough, no lie.  I was so excited to have La Principessa home from the NICU that I stayed up with her for every feeding for her first day.  That is not something that you can do long-term. We figured out pretty quickly that it was better to sleep in shifts and to have two feedings-on, two-off during the night (we had been alternating it but it is nearly impossible to get a good night's sleep that way). Sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep.  We had a follow-up with her pediatrician today* and she said that we can expect to deal with this crazy schedule for a couple of months.  Ah well, what are you going to do.

* During the visit I kept surreptitiously picking stray pieces of fur off of the baby.  I swear we give her baths!

Anyways, I think I'm doing fine - I get probably 5 or so hours each night, which isn't bad (although for most of that, I'm focusing very hard on the baby monitor) - but then I do things like completely, and I mean completely, forget my work email password.  Or I find that I am doing stupid typos.  Or writing boring blog entries.

Everyone wants to know how the pets are doing with all this.  The cat sticks near except when the baby cries, at which point he hightails it.  The dog thinks it's all a game and wants to be part of it when we change the baby. Man, if only we could train him to do it.  It would be even better than when we used to talk about how awesome it would be if we could get the dog to run drinks up and down the stairs. 

La Principessa, being a proper city kid, had her first bus and metro ride today.  It was during rush hour - a great time to bring bulky items onto the bus - and I was all nervous about how it would go down.  Flawlessly, as it turned out.  Our baby is not a morning person and will sleep through pretty much anything, including metro trains roaring by and buses honking next to her.  One of the unexpected benefits of spending the first 2.5 months of your life in the NICU: noise does not bother you.  She started to wake up when we were coming back to the house as it was feeding time, which worked out perfectly.


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