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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My eyes, they burn

I have to say that at times I am very envious of those who can just turn the lights out mentally and go to sleep on planes. I travel a fair amount and yet I still am always pretty wound up from the trip and can't sleep. Well, there's also the issue of the extreme discomfort for economy class air travel. Anyways, I am - oh god - only half-way through a 7-hour layover at the airport in Doha. 12 hours to get here, then an 8 hour flight to get to Singapore. Singapore is pretty close to being on the other side of the world.

Breaking with some tradition, I did doze for a few hours on the flight over here, but it was not sufficient in quality or quantity. I decided that the length of the trip and extent of the layover merited buying a day pass in one of the lounges here, so I was able to shower and sit quietly with my Wifi and snacks. But I'm starting to seriously consider just setting my phone alarm and taking a quick nap. I could do work but it would not be my best efforts. And I do have stuff to read...hmm, maybe I should break out the Stephen King. If that can't keep me up...


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