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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Under siege

Yesterday, when I was being a responsible pet-owner and playing with our dog Che at a local dog park*, I heard a plane rumble overhead. While technically DC is a no-fly zone, there are often planes going overhead, but that's not what made me look up. What caught my attention was how deep and sonorous this plane was - you could almost feel it in your chest. Sure as shit, I looked up to see a B-2 verrrrrry slowly passing over me. I'm not a plane geek but even I know that the big flying bat wing is not something that the Pentagon trots out without reason, so I was a little nervous. I've been on vacation this week - did things heat up with Iran and I just missed it? I took some pictures just in case....you know, in case of what, I'm not exactly sure. Evidence, I guess. I came home all excited about it (it didn't help that I was het up about yet another chicken bone that Che managed to get to when I was walking him**) and it turned out that The Texan had heard it inside our house.

This morning I searched the news for other eye witness reports of it. Turned out that the Pentagon apparently DOES take the B2 out for little reason: the Military Bowl was held yesterday at RFK Stadium in DC and they did a flyover. Okay then. Glad to see our tax dollars at work.

* Unlike today, when I am being an irresponsible pet owner and assiduously avoiding even the hint of a W-A-L-K with the dog. You know how some nights you can have a few drinks and be on top of the world, and other nights you have a few and are knocked completely flat? Guess which one was me last night? I managed to get dressed around 3pm today but that's about the extent of my accomplishments today, and frankly, considering how I feel, I'm impressed I managed to get that much done.

** Seriously, WTF people of Petworth: why do you feel the need to randomly toss chicken bones on the ground? Every time I walk our dog, he picks up at least one that an idiot has decided to leave on the sidewalk rather than a proper trash receptacle. I don't blame the dog for wanting at the bones - I mean, he IS a dog - and I try to keep an eye out for them, but there's only so much you can see before the dog does. I don't get it. I can maybe understand throwing apple cores or something that can break down in some bushes, but chicken bones flat scattered across the sidewalk? Come on now.


  • At 6:14 PM, Anonymous Eggton said…

    Love the blog! Seeing planes fly overhead (or hearing them) freaked me out in New York too, because they're not supposed to go over Manhattan itself (or so I think). Now I live next to an arsenal and there are TONS, plus a nearby train, plus a nearby hospital with frequent ambulences. Thank goodness we're renting. :)


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