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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


All winter the meterologists have been toying with us. Maybe this time we'll get some snow! No, maybe this time! Okay this time, we're really pretty certain. No, really. No, really this time!  And of course, each time, nothing panned out.

So when they predicted snow Sunday night into Monday, I thought, yeah right. First off, nice track record you guys got there. Second, it's the end of March - DC doesn't really get snow that often as it is, much less this late in the season.

Cut to snow falling and sticking even through most of yesterday. We had yet another medical appointment for La Principessa (all good), and I didn't bring an umbrella because it wasn't supposed to snow much more than mid-morning. I don't know why I keep such faith in weather prognostication.  It's a dicey sort in the best of climates, and DC is right at the fault line of several weather patterns so it's a real crap shoot to predict what's going to happen.  Long story only moderately short, we had to spend a lot of time shielding La Principessa from snow while we waited for various forms of transportation. Fortunately, her stroller/car seat combo is pretty water-tight, which cannot be said for my coat.

As for La Principessa, we're starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. She hit four months last week and has been, more or less (KNOCK WOOD), been sleeping through the night. Plus she's improved her bottle work greatly- still not 100% at it, but much better. Plus she's pretty damn cute.  At times, it's her strongest asset.


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