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Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's a good day

The baby slept most of the night last night, which meant that the Texan and I got around 6 hours each. AWE-SOME.  La Principessa came home from the NICU on a 24/7 schedule, but was still sleeping okay when we first got her here. Then her sleeping deteriorated until a few days ago it was completely the opposite of ours: she would sleep all day and be awake all night.*  So we decided to really work on differentiating day and night for her - turning on lights and making noise all day, exposing her to sunlight as much as possible (which is harder than you might think in a rowhouse), then quieting things down and darkening everything at night. 

Plus I started taking her for walks in the early afternoon, which I read helps establish regular circadian rhythms. It is amazing how animalistic we really are, when it comes down to it: in the end, we all turn toward the sun. It is driving my next door neighbor crazy, who keeps going after me about how cold it is and that the baby needs to go inside. It's not like I have her out there in her bare skin - she's got herself all covered up, even her big head**, plus multiple blankets.  And we're out there just for a short walk, but I guess it takes a village. Or something.

*Every single person, and I mean, EVERY SINGLE PERSON that I know who has kids got a desperate text/email from me in the darkest hours of Tuesday night about wtf how do you get kids to get themselves to sleep KILL ME NOW. Apologies for bothering you! 

** I'm not being coy here - her head really is big for her size. The doctor at the NICU told us very seriously that the one thing we had to do when we took her outside in the cold was to cover her head, as it has a large amount of territory of which heat can escape. I keep thinking of "So I Married an Axe Murderer" and Mike Meyers burring about his kid's "giant heed".


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