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Friday, May 10, 2013

Capped and gowned

Well, he will be soon.  The Texan will be walking down the aisle (wait, wrong metaphor?) for his college degree tomorrow.  His soon-to-be-alma mater being UDC, they are having an intimate ceremony for their grads at the Washington Convention Center.  I am very proud of him and am bringing along La Principessa for the convocation ceremony, not because she'll remember it - at five and a half months, I am pretty sure this will all just go over her head - but because I want her to be part of the memories of the day.  And that way I can be that horrible mother who brought a child to an event that they clearly are too young for. In my defense, I am planning on sitting near an exit and have plenty of food and pacifiers ready in case she decides to start vocalizing mid-ceremony.  But either way, can't wait to see the Texan in his cap and gown!  And then afterwards, because the ceremony is first thing in the morning, there is brunch and mimosas.  A celebration all the way around!


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