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Sunday, May 05, 2013


So the Texan and I have learned that if the baby is miserable, EVERYONE is miserable. La Principessa has had a cold/allergies/who knows what.  I feel kind of guilty about the cold because I think I was the one who brought it to her (I flew last week and was feeling crappy a day or so after I landed and then had a small cold myself when I got back).  Fun fact: babies breathe through their noses, so if their noses are stuffed up, they are unhappy campers. We have had a week of waterboarding the baby (ie, rinsing her nasal passages out), suctioning out what is loosened up, and taking her into the bathroom for a nice steam.  Also frantically including googling to see if dear god there is ANYTHING we can give her.  (Short version: not for a five month old!)

I am knocking wood as I type this, but it *appears* that the baby is on the road to recovery.  The Texan has been sick too and he also seems to be feeling better.  Those two Scorpios really do feed off each other. 


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