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Friday, November 08, 2013

A study in pink*

When I found out I was pregnant, one of the first questions I asked my doctor was, "Can I still ride my scooter?"  (Her response: just don't crash, and you're good. This is why I love her.)  I worried then about what we'd do when the baby came home. Clearly she can't ride on the scooter - for some reason, they don't make helmets in infant sizes. Ahem.  But the Texan pointed out that I could still use it for commuting and getting around town, and by god, I have. 

The Texan loves going on long rides on his scooter; me, not so much. This is partially due to the fact that its seat was emphatically not meant for long periods of use. Anything more than 30 minutes and my ass gets really sore. However, the Texan found a place that could rebuild your scooter seat into one that actually was comfortable, and since they had to re-cover it anyways, he got his done in shades of black and blue that match his scooter nicely.  He kept urging me to get mine done but it was never a good time.

Finally, last week, we pulled the trigger. The Texan picked out the scooter seat colors for me, since I had to stay home with the baby.  He did a fab-u-lous job.  Now my seat is this gorgeous warm pink, with red accents that perfectly match the rest of the scooter. We pretty much guaranteed that no male will ever want to buy my scooter, but hey, wasn't like we were planning on selling it in the near future anyways.  And now I can easily distinguish my scooter from the millions other red Vespas that I see around town. 

* With apologies to both Arthur Conan Doyle and Steven Moffat.


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