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Monday, November 04, 2013

All the animals

Yesterday, G&T and I took our annual walk through the Zoo to see the changing foliage (or "foil-age" as one of her colleagues referred to it) and whatever new cats the Zoo has.  La Principessa came too - her first trip to the Zoo!  She is still stroller-bound, and it was windy, so I wrapped her up well and then put a plastic cover over her to break the wind chill.  But I had forgotten how freaking hilly the Zoo is: it's in the middle of Rock Creek Park and you are constantly wending up and down hills. Fortunately for me, Shrapnel's former owner joined us as well, and she brought her kids too. One of them is obsessed with La Principessa and pleaded for the chance to push her stroller around. I'm not too proud to have an eight-year-old wrangle the stroller for me - made my life much easier.

Because we had other kids with us this year, we decided to see other parts of the Zoo. It had been a while since I'd checked out the various habitats. They've really expanded the America Trail, including a huge enclosure for seals, sea lions, and otters to swim about.  Plus I guess because of the cold air, all the animals were frisky. We actually saw the lions - the adult lions - roar and tussle with each other, plus the zebras surprised us by sounding almost exactly like donkeys.  And the pandas were actually up and moving around.

I'm not sure what La Principessa saw besides the colorful leaves, but it was nice being outside, either way.


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