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Sunday, February 02, 2014


So I was taking La Principessa and our dog Che for a walk today. Of course, we brought one of her beloved Wubanubs with us*, and of course, she decided to toss it out of her stroller at a time where the stroller wheel would then roll over it. It was right before we were going to cross the street, so I stopped short to pick up the Wubanub.  As always, ** I sucked on it to clean it off, except this time, I puckered up. The stroller wheel had picked up salt from the streets and imparted it to the pacifier.  Even I didn't like the idea of La Principessa imbibing that so I licked the pacifier thoroughly clean before getting ready to move on. It was then that I looked up and saw that there had been a car waiting for us to cross the street and its driver had sat there and watched the whole thing, no doubt stunned by the klassiness of it all.

* Have I ranted here before about sensational Wubanubs are?  My god.  Changed our lives.  They're soothie pacifiers attached to stuffed animals, which means that they are easier for the kiddos to hold onto and hard to lose.  We bought one on a whim and then immediately bought two more so we'd always have one close in hand.

** I always think of a woman I met at a BBQ when La Principessa was maybe seven months old. This woman was a few months pregnant and asked me a lot of questions about having a baby. The one thing that completely grossed her out was how I told her that we just pick up the baby's pacifiers and suck them clean instead of washing them. She was worried about getting germs. HAHAHAHA boy I think of her often and hope that her awakening wasn't too rude.


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