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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Sartorially challenged

Ever have one of those days where you cannot pull your shit together? I'm wearing a kick. ASS. black suit, which should be good enough for any curve balls thrown at me today. However. The KABS has opted to be difficult and give me zipper insecurity - namely, it keeps unexpectedly and quickly unzipping down the front. I'm starting to think that there might've been a reason why I got it for one-third of the original price.

This could be karmic retribution for my snarkyness in pilates class this morning. Usually I'm the one huffing and puffing and doing everything backwards. But today there were not one but two women playing that role. This allowed me to struggle through the workout, smug in the knowledge that for once it wasn't me stinking up the joint. Or at least it wasn't only me. Probably shouldn't go down the path of trying to figure out what sort of karmic retribution is headed my way, though, because if that actually happens, I should keep an eye out for an anvil falling out of the sky any minute now.

To sum: it's the salad for lunch. Damn you Hershey's miniatures!


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