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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Things I have done today instead of working on my project whose deadline is T-minus one week

* Read the paper. Checked my horoscope and that of the Marine. Hmm, he needs to watch his finances today. Guess I can't hit him up for dinner
* Visited my usual blogs (www.defectiveyeti.com) and diversionary websites (www.televisionwithoutpity.com)
* Got back as far as mid-July 2003 in the archives of my current fave blog, www.amalah.com. She has a pretty but husky Siamese kitty, who looks like he could take my chunky cat with one fell blow
* Had lunch with my grad school roommate, where we talked smack about our third roommate who is far, far more successful than I will ever be and a helluva nice guy besides
* Trapped my pregnant and vulnerable co-worker at her desk as I rambled on for half an hour about how great last night's episode of the Amazing Race was
* Had panic attack as I realized that I foolishly agreed to go to a holiday party at the French embassy next Tuesday and very likely could miss the next Amazing Race
* Calculated distance between the French embassy and my house, then started working on who in the DC area could be trusted to tape the Amazing Race
* Played with split ends as I stared at a blank screen
* Realized with a start that half an hour had gone by and I'd better get cracking
* Jumped into action and called my salon to make a long-overdue appointment for a haircut (I'm getting bangs! me so crazy)
* Cleaned out my hairbrush. Found only one stray cat hair
* Re-zipped pants for the gajillionth time
* Figured out why I sound like I'm wearing tap shoes: the heels of my boots, which are less than one month old, have worn off, exposing the nails for all the world to see
* Wondered why no one takes pride in their work any more
* Um, that apparently includes me


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