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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Off to see the wizard

Well, actually, I'm off to see my friend Frequent Flyer, but he does live in an Oz-like place: London. Tomorrow I get one year closer to my ultimate demise as I turn 31, and I felt that nothing could do it justice except for getting the hell out of Dodge for a long weekend. You know you've been in DC too long when you and your friends can go on for some time, swapping stories about getting in fights with strangers. (In my defense, HE flicked a lit cigarette near ME.) So I'm off to our former colonial oppressors, where I plan on a 48-hour chicken tikka masala-fest that will only be interrupted by pints of beer in the pub. With any luck, I will avoid anything that remotely smacks of culture.

The only drag is the sorry state of the U.S. dollar. Last I checked, the pound is hovering over it at a rate of nearly two to one. My puny American money is nigh worthless. Oh well.

Unless Frosty the Snowman's unwelcome presence in DC delays my flight, I'll be outta here until Monday. I understand they have the InterWeb in the UK but I doubt I'll be able to buckle down and post. Pip pip, cheerio and all that.


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