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Monday, February 14, 2005

J-Dawg in the hizzouse

(yes, I realize that talking like Snoop Dawg is so three years ago. deal)

J-Dawg is crashing on my couch for a long weekend. She came officially to attend ZFF and G&T's Swanky Cocktails party. She's hardcore, y'all - have YOU ever traveled crosscountry for a party? Didn't think so. Anyways, the evening of festivities was a blast. They had sufficient amounts of cheese for my addiction and a signature cocktail mixed up for the masses: Manhattans. As the night went on, we decided to tweak the recipe and I came up with the Hoboken*: bourbon, grenadine, and a splash of tonic. Also entertaining was a Pacman console, bought from Urban Outfitters expressly for this party. Sadly, my game has not held up in the two+ decades since I last played Atari. Still fun though.

Yesterday J-Dawg and I went to the Churreria de Madrid near my house for dinner. I miss their croquetas. We ended up getting an obscene amount of food, most of which just showed up at our table, unasked-for. Seriously, it was an Atkins nightmare. At one point, we had two baskets of bread, a plate of crisscut fries, two containers of baked potatoes, and a big honking serving of rice, in addition to our actual entrees.

After, we decided to go to Chi-chas, a nearby bar that has a live trio playing on non-weekend nights and nargeleh pipes for the renting. And, um, in-house green sangria and cava. I am a smidgen tired today. My eyes, they burn.

The only thing keeping me going is that my parents have promised me a big package that I think contains VD chocolates. It'd better. I am not at all big on Hallmark holidays, but if you hate a holiday that delivers chocolates to your door, then you must be dead inside.

* It's close to a Manhattan, but not quite. Geddit? Geddit? Haw haw. It's a good thing I find myself entertaining because precious few other people do.


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