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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Everyone should have one

My friend Dr. Eye recently announced her engagement. After getting the two most common questions - "Did you know he was going to propose?" and "Have you picked a date?" - out of the way, most (female) people go on to harangue her about dress-shopping. I'm not the kind of person to pressure her friends about their clothing attire: if she wants to wear a hot-pink dress and marimba down the aisle (HYPOTHETICALLY), god speed. However, I will do everything within my power to make sure she's wearing a tiara.

I know, it probably isn't surprising that someone with "Ladyship" in her name gets all a-twitter about tiaras, but people, when do you have a perfectly legitimate chance to wear sparkly stones on your head? These opportunities, unless you happen to be a member of some inbred European royal family, are hard to come by. I say, snag them while you can.

When my sister, BeachBunny, got married last year, she wanted a simple yet tasteful dress which would be in keeping with the whole low-key mood of her ceremony. She ended up with a gorgeous gown that was just to her liking. The style, at least - the fitting took some doing. I arrived in California early to help out and was able to sit in on one of the later ones. While BeachBunny at first vehemently opposed wearing a tiara, the bridal shop owner and I were able to wear her down enough to agree to try one on. So pretty! In fact, I drooled over it so much, BeachBunny tried to bag out of it by having ME wear it instead of her. Nope.

But when my 30th birthday approached a few weeks later, BeachBunny sent me the ultimate gift: her tiara. She said I could wear it on the big day - which I did, and can highly recommend for any of you ladies who might be having issues with the big 3-0. I have yet to return it to her. In fact, I may have worn around the house while doing chores. Maybe.

What's my point? To chase away any male readers because this is going to get even girlier. Are all the homies gone? Good. I just have to bitch: I put my birth control patch in a bad place this week (right where my underwear intersects with the side seam of my pants) and OH MY GOD does it itch. I'm only on day one, which means that I have to refrain from ripping it off until next Wednesday. I don't think I can hold off much longer. La la la, not thinking about it...


  • At 11:38 AM, Blogger Scully said…

    If you wear your tiara, it'll take your mind off the patch.

    I want a tiara. My mother wore won when she married my father. I need her to find that tiara.


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