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Monday, February 07, 2005

Very Important Lessons I learned this weekend

1. Forget when the coffee machine malfunctions: when the internet goes down at my office, things get ugly. Reeeeeally ugly. Our router got fried, cutting off all access to email and the InterWeb on Friday. At first, it was a good chance to catch up on my reading and little tasks that I'd been putting off. And then it hit 10:30 and I realized that I still had far too many hours to go here at the office. To make matters worse, my co-workers and I ordered lunch from a place that took forever to deliver our food, making Friday the morning that would. not. end. Supposedly we're back up to full speed, but who knows.

2. Downtown Bethesda? More like Downtown Disney. My friends G&T and ZFF and I decided Friday night that we would Give Bethesda A Chance. We figured we spend all our going-out time in a very circumscribed area, so we should see what else the DC area has to offer. Bethesda has been renovated lately in an effort to spruce up their downtown. Offshoots of DC restaurants and shops have moved in, making Bethesda seem like DC, minus the panhandlers guilting you out of your change, drunks pissing in alleyways, and yoots strewing wrappers from their giant slices of pizza everywhere. So: sterile but I guess if you like that sort of thing.... We had a good time, anyways. We did the low end (Barking Dog, where we washed down nachos with $2.50 beers) and the high end (Mon Ami Gabi, which has delish cocktails).

3. I have the upper arm strength of a newborn babe. At belly dance class yesterday, we got the veils for our routine (I decided that I didn't have enough embarrassment in my life and signed up to perform in May). These veils are gorgeous - candy pink, hot pink, and warm violet - and are made out of a beautiful raw silk. But damn they're heavy. Yes, I know that sounds utterly pathetic. And it is. My only defense is that they're huge - 3 by maybe 2.5 yards. Plus, of course, the fact that I have no muscle tone whatsoever.

4. Quite possibly the most important lesson I learned this weekend: No matter how fervently you believe otherwise, you really don't need cheese hot dogs (that's right, plural) at 2AM. And you really don't need that last whisky and diet coke.


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