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Friday, January 21, 2005

Inaugural madness

How I should have spent Jan. 20: Go to www.left.org and click on the link for the video "Left Up to Us: The CounterInaugural on 1/20/05." A protest of roughly 10,000 people ended up there after having met up in Malcolm X park, which is one block from my house (seriously, there's no excuse for me to not have gone). I caught a bit of the anti-war part of the protest, as I was walking back from the gym: they were remarkably tight in message and had a lot of nifty coffin-looking boxes covered with black fabric or American flags. The CounterInaugural protest in MacPherson Square ended up with people coming up to the mike and saying how they would change various Cabinet positions. I won't say who my friend was who was there, but let me just say that I have a VERY high-ranking connection in the make-believe alternate Cabinet. Don't piss me off.

How I actually spent Jan. 20:
* Slept in.
* Moseyed on to the gym, where I watched the opening episode of the second series of "The Surreal Life" and assiduously avoided watching any of the inaugural ceremonies. I specifically timed my trip so I'd leave right before Bush spoke and thus wouldn't have to see any of it.
* Went to the store, came back and made the most god-awful brownies in the history of baking. How can anyone fuck up brownies from a mix? And yet I did. Good thing G&T and AnimalStyle's baking went better. For some reason, the three of us independently decided we wanted to bake yesterday. Either it's the snowy weather or the RNC is pumping recidivist homemaker mindcontrol drugs into DC's tap water.
* Napped/read/watched TV.
* Went to meet up with friends for a drink or four.
* Came home again for sleep of the wicked.

I feel like I've failed my civics test for not having participated in the inaugural festivities, one way or the other. But I think I'm suffering from outrage fatigue. There's too much to be angry about these days, and I do a lot of this sort of thing at my job anyways. I'd prefer to spend my day off relaxing and not doing any heavy-lifting in the brain department. Does this mean that I've lost my youthful idealism, or can you lose something you never had?

I tell you what *really* stung was that one of the clubs was having some anti-Bush party last night. They had two pricing levels: $30 if you were under 30, and $60 if you were over. OUCH. Guess which side I fall on?


  • At 10:50 AM, Blogger Scully said…

    Well of course you had the $30 fee!!

    I love my boring life in Canada. The biggest event right now is the weather.

  • At 4:13 PM, Blogger Her Ladyship said…

    BAHAHA. Right.

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