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Friday, January 07, 2005

Feelin kinda woozy

Doorprize to anyone, outside of G&T, who can tell me what movie that quote comes from.

And actually, I'm not feeling so bad any more. It's amazing how restorative an everything bagel with cream cheese can be. Some days, it's all about the carb therapy.

Last night, I made the tactical error of going to a club where a friend was bartending. That was a mistake. A big, big, BIG mistake. Ugh. I slept in and rolled into work just in time for a meeting about revamping our website. Nothing like sitting hunched over in your chair and wishing you were dead while others bicker about the website for 2.5 hours. God. Someone had kindly brought donuts, though, and my co-workers for some reason were being gracious and not hogging all of them (as is my wont), so I was able to eat my fill.

While I was slowly making my way to work today, I overheard a conversation between two women behind me. One was pointing out El Tamarindo, a mediocre El Salvadoran restaurant whose only redeeming quality is that it's open late and thus provides a chips-and-salsa alternative to Pizza Mart, as a place that she thought was good. I'm always one to mock other people's taste, and since the lack of good Mexican food in DC has always bugged me (and no, Tex-Mex is not Mexican, nor is El Salvadoran. And do NOT get me started on Lauriol Plaza, where food goes to die), my ears perked up. The other mentioned a place that she'd been to, "Mix-Mick" as she called it, which she thought was expensive and not very good. It took all my reserve not to holler, "That's MIXTEC you moron!" and slap her upside the head for taking Mixtec's name in vain. But then again, people like her deserve Lauriol Plaza and this way I have less competition for a seat at the only good Mexican restaurant in town.

You'd think, reading over this post, that I was hungry. I wasn't when I started, but now I'm thinking that crappy vegan lentil soup I had for lunch isn't going to cut it. This calls for the last of my chocolate coins.

Do you think I can get moose while in Alaska? Or maybe bear. I've been told that there are some good seafood restaurants near my hotel, but I don't do seafood. As a Pisces, it just hits a little too close to home. Plus all seafood tastes, strangely enough, like the sea, which doesn't go down too well with me. Anyways, I leave Monday at oh-dark-thirty and will be rolling back on the red-eye Thursday morning. Try and survive without me.


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