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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

California here I come

Sadly, I do sing that song to myself every time I'm California-bound. That and my elementary school fight song are carved deep into my psyche - ain't never gonna forget either of them.

(Hey - just realized that the obnoxious shoe commercial with the runner wreaking havoc all over a park features a song by the Beta Band. Bad Beta Band! Pick nicer commercials to sell out to!)

Anyways. Very much looking forward to hitting LA - not literally, please United Airlines - and defrosting. Even though I am a big lame-o who will have to do work-work while there. But it's going to be easier, now that my parents have a DSL connection. I'll be writing while stuffing my face with homemade cookies and knocking them back with my godfather's lethal eggnog. Seriously, the fumes from it alone can raise your BAC level to unacceptable heights.

Plus my dad taped last night's Amazing Race for me, so I can rush past my parents' open arms and plunk myself down in front of the set to find out what that crazy ending (according to my sister) exactly was. And, to top it all off, my sister has a copy of the latest Growing Pains family reunion movie for us to watch and mock. Should be a good visit.

Oh yeah, and seeing family/childhood friends/pets. That should be okay too.


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