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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I want to stomp around my office

I think this crabbiness is a hangover from last night. Not that kind of hangover, I was well-behaved and only had three glasses of champagne at the French embassy's reception. But the Amazing Race had a truly disturbing ending, where the designated asshole of the bunch - Jonathan - got his wife so upset, she was in hysterics by the end of the leg. And he actually slapped her because he blamed her for their second place finish (keep in mind, this wasn't for the final $1 million prize - they still have around seven legs to go). I mean, I love judging people on how they misbehave in stressful situations (cough*Flo*cough), but that was really painful to watch. I almost wish that they had some sort of clause, a la the Real World, where if a contestant attacked another contestant, they'd get immediately ejected.

And - just to get this off my chest, and then I'll stop - but my god, the racism of some of the Amazing Race contestants. Kendra complained about the poverty in Dakar and commented that it was because "they keep on breeding." Rebecca made some snide remark on Goree Island (the casting-off point for many slave ships) that it was ugly and she could see why "so many people escaped this place." Er, sweetie, they didn't go under their own volition.

Okay, one more thing: seeing Gus continually sneaking drinks in the German beerhall was pretty funny. As was seeing Bolo eat bits from the RAW SAUSAGE LINKS that he was making.

Sigh. Today is filled with little annoyances - nothing major, but just enough to make me sulky. Puma, your website can rot in hell. Bank of America's website will be there to keep you company. And don't get me started on how Internet Explorer is keeping me on my toes by dumping me out of various windows every so often.

At least the KABS' zipper is magically staying up. No idea how that happened, especially since this weekend was nacho-riffic, but I'm not going to question it.


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