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Friday, December 10, 2004

The happiest day of the year

No, not my birthday. Nope, not xmas. It's Intern Appreciation Day at the office, a day of celebration instigated by yours truly. I realize it ranks right above Administrative Assistant Week and below Festivus as a non-holiday, but still. It beats last summer's death by dessert, where I screwed up and got a cake for the first intern who left, not realizing what I was starting. 8 interns, eight cakes, and two months later, people were clutching their stomachs and accusing me of deliberating blindsiding their diets. So in my uber-authority as Intern Coordinator, I unilaterally decided that there would be ONE day, and one day only, of appreciating our interns. And today's the day.

(Special to G&T: I know you're reading this and thinking, Unnamed Organization is much better at treating their interns than when I was an intern there. Damn straight. Would that your intern coordinator had been as cool as me. But we still make our interns drive bigwigs around DC in the company van and do the dishes. Some things never change.)

Although: is this bad? A bunch of us oldtimers went out today for a looong lunch at Bistro du Coin, complete with a bottle of Cote du Rhone and far too many frites. And we left all the interns back at the office, where presumably they had their usual lunches of Top Ramen and the like. Was this contrary to the spirit of Intern Appreciation Day? Never mind, I know the answer.


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