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Thursday, January 06, 2005

In today's news

Every time I open up Washingtonpost.com, I'm greeted with Albert Gonzales' shit-eating grin. Goddamn, I cannot believe that he's going to be promoted after that torture memo debacle. Apparently when the administration said that there would be consequences for the people involved in the prisoner scandal, they meant only the slugs making minimum wage, not those who crafted the directives and set the tone for acceptable behavior. What makes it worse is that all the conservative news sources (Washington Times, I'm looking at you) who support Gonzales say first that he's an American success story, then they go on to his supposed qualifications. As if the former is more important than the latter. I'm all about upward mobility, but I think that making a Cabinet official of the man behind the policies which have done more harm to the U.S. image than any other step we've taken lately, including launching the war against Saddam Hussein, is perhaps not the best decision.

And Nelson Mandela's son has died of AIDS-related complications. I really hope that this sad news gets Thabo Mbeki's head out of his ass and allow him to start enacting real programs to combat AIDS in South Africa. None of this "HIV doesn't cause AIDS, I know this because I read it on the InterWeb, therefore I'm canceling funding for programs to treat HIV+ women who are pregnant" bullshit.

All I can say is, thank god for the Reliable Source's online chat. Otherwise I'd have blown a gasket by now.


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