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Friday, December 24, 2004

Christmas in Malibu

Well, about 40 miles southeast, to be exact. Now, this is the way to celebrate the birth of our lord. My sister, brother-in-law, and I drove down to Seal Beach after braving the malls. It's gorgeous - mid-70s and sunny out - and we felt that the best reward for finishing our xmas shopping (yes, I do realize it's Christmas Eve. What's your point?) was to go to a cheap Mexican food joint and have some margaritas. Holy crap, folks, if you're ever in SoCal, head over to the Taco Shack on Main Street in Seal Beach. Pitchers of margaritas are $10, the salsa is to die for, and I'm thinking of heading back there before I leave for another round of their chicken flautas.

I realize that there are those who say that it would seem "weird" to have warm weather for the holidays, that xmas has to be saturated with snow and cold. They can have their frostbitten holiday. I prefer xmas in a place that has palm trees on every block and holds the possibility of heading down to the beach after opening up gifts.

Seasons greetings! I've got to get back to wrapping my presents.


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