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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

My personal Superbowl

Today is Mardi Gras, and tonight I'm going to celebrate with what I like to think of as my own Superbowl: the two-hour season finale of The Amazing Race. So very excited to see how it ends, but also so very sad to think of the gaping hole that will be Tuesday night for the rest of my life. Or until the next season begins.

Actually, I think people took the Superbowl less seriously than I take TAR. God help you if you are in the room with me and happen to speak when it's not a commercial break. I don't answer the phone while the show's on, which it doesn't do that often because friends and family have been trained not to call me from 9-10 PM on Tuesday nights. At most I'll text-message others who are watching it, just because at times things must not go un-commented upon. Like Kendra wrinkling her nose at all the breeding going on in Senegal. Or Jonathan hitting his wife for daring to pick up the backpack he discarded.

Anyways. I would love to see Kris and Jon win, because they're lovely people and cute as a pair of bunnies. But fate is usually not that kind and traditionally my favorite team falls victim to fourth place. (Sorry Kris and Jon!) All four teams are in excellent physical condition, which always helps. Of the teams that are left, two have lost all their money at some point, which may affect the final leg (it usually ends with a taxi race to the finish, with the team members essentially throwing all the money at the cab driver to speed him along). I think that the final three will be Dating Actors Hayden and Aaron, Dating Models Freddie and Kendra, and Long-Distance Dating Kris and Jon. I'm just amazed that Formerly Dating Adam and Rebecca managed not to self-destruct before now. I wouldn't call their persistence Luck of the Evil because that only applied to Jonathan and Victoria this season. Let's just say that Adam and Rebecca have Luck of the Incompetent, which should be finite, right? (Knock wood)


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