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Wednesday, February 09, 2005


(Warning: various and sundry Amazing Race 6 spoilers to come. Consider yourself warned! Also, if you couldn't give a flying fig about this show, or if you like this show, but only in a healthy and well-adjusted manner, perhaps today's incoherent and babbling entry is not for you.)

So Kris and Jon came *thisclose* to pulling it off. If only they hadn't gotten lost while coming out of the El. Once again, foiled by public transportation. I'm still not sure how they got so far behind Freddie and Kendra, especially since they were on the same train. That one shot, where Freddie and Kendra were running out of the pizzeria and Kris and Jon were running in, showed that they were fairly close, and with Freddie and Kendra's taxi troubles, Kris and Jon should have been able to make it. (Who among us was flashing back, when Kendra was heaving up her deep-dish Chicago-style pizza, to Freddie eating his own puke while trying to down a bowl of spicy Hungarian goulash? HA! Freddie may be pretty, but he always be the vomit-eater to me.)


I'm okay with Freddie winning, even with his little breakdown at Gategate (when he threatened to break someone in half for allegedly slamming the gate down on his face), but Kendra bugged. The Princess was basically dragged around the world by her boyfriend. I hate to say this, but there has never been a female winner of TAR who actually would've won on her own merits. They always have been carried by the stronger and male member of the team. Yes, even Kim (of TAR5, who I liked a lot). I would've felt the same way if Hayden and Aaron had won. I would've been shocked if Adam and Rebecca had won; however, say what you will about Rebecca - and if it's not nice, come sit next to me - but at least she was a strong player. As was Kris. Oh well - she and Jon will go on to have nice and rewarding lives, while Freddie and Kendra will have to coast on their increasingly failing looks as they blow through their money and get tired of each other. Not that I'm bitter or anything.

And what up with Aaron proposing to Hayden? She was nothing but a shrieking harridan the whole race. You'd think her whining "Aaron, DO something" for two months straight would've scared him off. I used to think he was cool and that he'd come to his senses. Clearly, though, they deserve each other. And? They deserved to be eliminated. I know they had a bad day, but they never should have gotten back into that cab with that awful driver at the Xi'an terracotta warrior museum. (Btw? How cool was that? I've always wanted to see them.) Plus, surprise surprise, Hayden freaked out and just lost it at the keys and locks. They shouldn't have given up: they still had half an hour before the park closed, and Adam and Rebecca could've had trouble en route to the pit stop.

I noticed that Rebecca cut out the smooches and "honeys" once she and Adam were on the final stretch. That seemed really manipulative and fake. Just like her!

So three weeks until TAR7. Can't wait! They showed previews for it last night. One of the couples is the (in)famous Survivor couple who met and got engaged on that show. I'm tired of the stuntcasting, especially of people who are known to be manipulative and sneaky. TAR doesn't really lend itself to that kind of intrigue, nor needs it to capture its audience. One surprise team member is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom who was a prisoner of war. They showed his screen shot from when he was paraded on TV. Damn. This should be good.


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