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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I apparently am 12

When I get tired and/or brain-dead, as is my wont as the end of a work day approaches, I have trouble enunciating clearly. This sometimes has negative consequences. Earlier on today, a co-worker and I agreed that we'd meet at 6PM tonight to work on a project. He called a few minutes ago about something related to it. I wanted to make sure he hadn't forgotten about our meeting, so as our conversation wrapped up, I said, "Now, we're still on for six, right?" You can guess how that came out. There was a rather awkward pause as he tried to digest what I'd just said and I realized what he thought I'd said. I quickly added, "PM! 6PM!" He agreed just as quickly, and as we got off the phone, I could hear him snickering. I myself have been giggling off and on for some time now.


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