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Friday, April 01, 2005

Many happy returns

My sister BeachBunny is, we figured out one bored afternoon, one year, one month, one week, and one day younger than me. But for all intents and purposes, she has been more like my twin. Growing up, we went through pretty much everything together: matching headgear for our braces, soccer games where we would alternate languishing at left wing, and xmas gifts from well-meaning relatives where hers would be pink and mine purple. (Now we've got it down to a science: when we get these identically wrapped packages, we make sure we each have one in our hands, count to three, and then race to see who can open it first.) It was nice always having a friend along on family vacations.

Despite being so much alike - or perhaps because of it - we fought constantly. Not just petty bickering, which we did endlessly and without thinking. And not just irritating your sibling for the sheer hell of it. No, I mean knock-down, full-out brawls, where someone's getting whipped around by her ponytail in the middle of the street. She's the only person I've ever gotten into a physical fight with (for the record, I think we whaled on each other an even amount of times). Our older brother learned very early on to steer clear of the fray, lest he get dragged in. And for a long time, our parents were certain that only one of us was going to make it to adulthood.

But as we got older, things smoothed out. She is truly the funniest and warmest person I know. When our mom got sick a few years ago, it was BeachBunny who resolutely rolled up her sleeves and waded into the morass of health care to make sure mom got the care she needed. She is always sending little cards and gifts just because: in fact, she's one of my primary sources of candy. There isn't anything she won't do for her friends and family. She is smart as a whip and works much harder than anyone should. And she is my ally who I can turn to and know that someone fully appreciates the bizarre comments our parents make.

When she got married last year, she asked me to be her maid of honor. I was really pleased, touched, and yes, honored to stand next to her as she started a new phase in her life. It was also wonderful getting to see how many people just love her.

She lives in California and I am exiled to DC, so we only get to hang out a couple of times a year. Tomorrow she turns 30 and I won't be able to wish her a happy birthday in person. But I will lift my glass westward and wish her many happy returns. Hope you have a wonderful birthday, BeachBunny.

And as proof of my love and affection: your gift has already been mailed! For once, you should actually get your birthday gift on your birthday (well, plus or minus a day or so. Baby steps).


  • At 1:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Your "BeachBunny" sister is lucky as hell to have such a kick-ass, great example of a big sister, who's funnier and smarter than anyone she's ever known. However, she hasn't quite gotten over you calling her "beach bunny" yet (yes she could shave her legs more often but that in no way signifies calling it "fur"). ;-p


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