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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Chillin' and illin'

All of DC seems to have been struck by the flu, it would seem, myself included. In fact, last night, my medicine-affected REM brain came up with this blog title. Yup, it's just about as lame as I'd thought when I first woke up this morning. Oh well.

I was able to stagger into work today, but just couldn't face coming in yesterday. I know this seemed a highly suspect absence to my office, as it was an absolutely lovely spring day and a Monday, but what are you going to do. Today I brought in my cough medicine in a little care package and have been quietly tossing it back as needed. Wah wah wah, world's littlest violins are playing in sympathy. I'll shut it now.

Except for this: TAR season finale tonight! Yessss!!!! I think I would rise from the dead in order not to miss it. The handsome host, Phil Keoghan, was on DC101 this morning. So very exciting! He also said that they'll start filming TAR8 this summer - that's the one with the families of four - and it'll be broadcast by the end of this year, and that TAR 9 - which will go back to the original formula of teams of 2 - will start filming by the end of this year. Nice to know that it'll be around for at least another year or so.


  • At 4:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    What? No comments on the TAR finale?

  • At 2:50 PM, Blogger Her Ladyship said…

    Lamely, I've been saving it for when I have time to do it justice. But, short version: YESSS! There is justice in the world. And a big fat kiss to the pilot who decided to pull back to the gate for Uchenna and Joyce.


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