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Monday, May 02, 2005

Mouse tales

1) When it's nice outside and I have some free time, I like to go sit in my apartment's courtyard with my cat. He's an indoor cat, but I do feel kinda guilty about it (not that guilty, as city cats who go outside have a lifespan of about thirty seconds), so this is my way of compensation. Shrapnel is very good about staying on the bricks and to date hasn't made a run for the street, although he has made some feints at some of my neighbors' dogs (he's a big yet not very bright cat).

Anyways, so yesterday I'm enjoying the balmy spring weather. I've got a soda, the Washington Post, and my cell phone out with me - truly all the essentials of life. Shrapnel's off doing whatever investigation he feels like doing. Probably eating grass so he can throw it up in my apartment later.

I keep an eye on him, just to make sure he doesn't disappear on me. During one check-up, I notice that he's running back and forth in front of a planter. He seems to want to be able to jump up on it but can't. Bless his poor little elderly heart, I think, he can't move as quickly as he used to. I'll just go over and give him a lift. So I do.

A few minutes later, I catch a glimpse of something out of my peripheral vision. Shrapnel's in front of me now, batting something around. I try to puzzle out what it is. A stick? No. A leaf? No. Oh please, let it be a snake? Nope. It's a mouse. A live piece of vermin that he is obviously quite delighted over and wishes to toss around before giving the death blow. While I'm not necessarily against the circle of life - I do realize that cats chase mice, it's one of the first thing you learn from nursery rhymes - there is no way I want him near that nasty thing. So I distract him, long enough for still-nimble mouse to make its escape into the brush, and then spirit Shrapnel back inside.

And nice to know I live surrounded by vermin. DC has a huge rat problem, and I sadly accept that it probably was more of a baby rat than an adult mouse. Ick.

2) My computer mouse is squeaking. No, I'm not kidding, it really is, and it's driving me nuts. I'm trying to hold off on asking our network admin for a new one, as I am already on thin ice with this guy and stupid requests aren't going to help my cause. But I'm not sure how much longer I can take this.

3) Not a mouse tale, but sort of animal-related: http://nytimesweddings.blogspot.com/2005/02/mule-variations.html. This author of this website rips apart New York Times' wedding announcements, which is entertaining in and of itself. But when you bring in Festus the Mule...I had tears running down my face while laughing at this entry.

I leave you with that (vastly superior) website to keep yourself entertained. I head out in a couple of hours for Tejas. I understand you're not supposed to mess with it. I certainly don't intend to. All I want is a good Mexican meal - not that Tex-Mex shite - and to get in and out with the least amount of damage possible. See you on Wednesday.


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