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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Ha! Burn, Rob, burn!

My nasty little addiction asserts itself again. Skip this entry if you don't want to see any spoilers/ranting about last night's episode of "The Amazing Race."

HA! That was freaking awesome! Rob finally got his comeuppance. Now, I actually don't dislike him. I think he's an excellent player and doesn't really get down to dirty tricks, despite what some of the other contestants were claiming (people: this is a RACE. You are not obligated to help anyone out). He is a bit smug, but usually you get the feeling he's half-kidding. However, last night his little mindgames completely backfired on him.

Rob decided to play fuck-around with the Uchenna/Joyce and Meredith/Gretchen alliance and asked them while they were booking their tickets out of India to Istanbul if they'd gotten the earlier flight. He admitted that he knew full well there wasn't another flight, but wanted to see if they knew about one, and also simply wanted to toy with them. So they all freak out, thinking that there is another flight, and get on the horn to the airline to buy tickets for it. Lo and behold, there actually WAS an earlier flight that got them into Turkey two hours ahead of the other teams. Then when Rob asked about an earlier flight, he was told there wasn't any. So he spent the time before his flight preening about how well he was doing and how the other teams were stupid and clueless. Meanwhile, the other teams keep getting farther and farther ahead. Karmic retribution rears its ugly head. Fan-tas-tic!

So Rob and Amber and Ron and Kelly spent the whole time in Turkey frantically trying not to get knocked out. I was fairly certain it was a non-elimination leg, but I was still ecstatic to see my favorite team, Uchenna and Joyce, taking names and kicking ass.

And I don't even have to say this, but just in case: Kelly. Becoming a POW and surviving a stay in an Iraqi prison during a time of war does not mean that you are trying to get out of your commitment to Uncle Sam. JESUS. What an ignorant twat she is to believe that. And I can't believe she would be so unaware as to actually say it on-camera. Ron handled that very well - much nicer than she deserved. He just refused to discuss it with her. I would've been a bit more forceful, but I can see that he needs her presence in order to complete the race, and her mangled corpse probably doesn't count. They can use that $20,000 Travelocity prize they won last night to go on separate trips - I can't imagine he'd want to see that vacuous face again after this is over.

BTW: These last few legs of TAR have been my dream trip. If you gave me a free airplane ticket anywhere in the I would use it to go to either India or Turkey. Those are two places I'm obsessed with and haven't made it to yet. Can't wait to see where they go next!

Sigh. I wish one of my friends in this time zone would watch the show. I had one sucker on this coast who I could talk about it with, but she had to schedule a C-section yesterday and missed it. I really question her priorities. The other true-blue fans of the show among my social circles are all on the West coast, so I'm forced to text them teaser messages and then call them excitedly after it's over to insist that they watch it.


  • At 1:40 AM, Anonymous Mags said…

    I think Aar's parents would be great for TAR. They just got back from back-paking in Chile. I think they did one 22mi hike. They're the hippest parents, but of course I'm biased. Happy watching. I'll tune in next season.

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