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Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Here's my deal: April 15, love it or hate it?

Hate it: I leave that day for a work trip that I have not even begun to think about heading towards possibly sometime initiating preparing for. And, you know, something about taxes and the IRS.

Love it: I get paid. Hosanna in the highest! This pay period my bank account has been coasting not on fumes, but on the memory of fumes. Thank you, American Express, for loving me when all else forsook (-saked? -saken? This is what I get for zoning out during CCD. Although, to be honest, I sincerely doubt our horrid catechism class actually covered biblical grammar. It might actually had been interesting if it had.) me.

In the end, this is all a moot discussion, because, try as I might, I have not discovered a way to slow down or stop time. Given one superpower - and why shouldn't I be - I would totally go for Evie from "Out of this World"'s capability of putting her index fingers together and freezing time for everyone but herself.

Stop laughing, you know you used to watch that show too. Come on, they even visited Universal Studios and went on the Jurassic Park ride! How hip and happenin were they.

Anyways, I used to dream during my scholastic days about how I would use this special power to get caught up on papers/tests. Nowadays, my fantasies are much more prosaic: I'd use it to get more sleep. In a heartbeat.


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