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Friday, April 29, 2005

DC's finest

Last night, I headed off to a social obligation after work with a sense of dread. I was exhausted, having gotten under four hours of sleep the previous night, crabby from having worked for 11 hours, and just not in the mood to be friendly.

So I'm at the corner of 18th and Massuchusetts, tapping my foot impatiently because as always I'm late and this stupid police siren that's rapidly approaching means that I'm going to be even later.

A DC cruiser comes roaring around the corner. It's all over the place - in a controlled manner, but still all over the place - as it veers on the wrong side of the road and swings past a bus.

It passes within a few feet of me, siren blaring. As it goes by, I see that the cop driving the cruiser has one hand casually on the wheel and the other holding a lit cigarette. That he is smoking. While presumably trying to get somewhere as quickly as possible.

Let me tell you, this image made my night. Totally cheered me up, to the point where I even ended up enjoying the previously feared social obligation. Once again, DCPD saves the day.


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