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Thursday, May 05, 2005

And so ends the deluge

For now, at least. Tonight I head to the Black Cat (www.blackcatdc.com) for the third time in seven days. I need to give it a rest after this, lest they take out an injunction against me. Also because they don't accept credit cards and the bar tabs I'm running up there are really eating through my liquid assets.

This all started last Friday. The official headliner was Ivy, but I was there to see the Stars. I'm a huge fan of the latter. Someone made me a burned copy of their penultimate CD, which I loved so much, I went out and bought a copy at full-price so that the band could get the royalties. Ivy was good, but I'd already seen them. My friend Frequent Flyer has a non-sexual crush on the lead singer and brought me to one of their shows. Friday evening was slightly marred by the presence of my ex-boyfriend, who was there with a date. Not that I caused a scene or anything. Largely because I'm much prettier than she is. Just saying.

Sunday I was back at the Black Cat for the Wedding Present. We got there in time for the first opening band, which gave us ample opportunity to gawk at lead singer David Gedge lurking about the t-shirt racks. Apparently he likes to hang out there before his band goes on and talk with the crowd, which is actually very decent of him. Plus he came up right next to me to order a drink, and he is quite the doll. They were good, but I must admit I was lagging by the end. As always, there was a group of superfans who were about pissing themselves during the show. Their enthusiasm, while touching, was also not a little scary.

Tonight I finish my concert jag with the Wonder Stuff. I brought clothes to change into because I'm most likely going to head over there straight from a work happy hour. I hate wearing suits to shows because I always feel like such a narc. I'm not, I swear! But the conservative wardrobe plus the ear plugs (hey, do YOU want to hear when you're 40? Thought so) add up to something of a buzz-kill. Gotsta keep my street cred goin', yo.


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