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Thursday, October 27, 2005


Today I espied with my own eye two things that were a bit discombobulating.

1) The building kitty-corner to my office (where, conveniently enough, HotPants Esquire works) had its fountain gushing...with bright blue water. As in, dyed an electric blue that had nothing to do with the lighting or the sky or the basin or anything else that normally gives water a hue. This was 100 percent artificial and 110 percent confusing.

2) Ripping out of the elevator at lunchtime - when I get hungry, I get hungry - I nearly knocked over Jack Valenti. Thinking it was a starvation-induced hallucination, I mentioned later to one of the building managers that I thought I'd seen him. Turns out, I had. He's just a little doll-man - so cute and well-groomed in his little (and undoubtedly extremely expensive) suit. I should shut up now, as he could buy and sell me about a million times over. Guess his presence in DC was that nexus of Hollywood and Washington that I hear so much about.


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