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Friday, March 04, 2005

My kingdom for a nap

On days like today, I truly miss the set-up I had at the defense contractor's. I had my own office and company policy (due to the nature of our bidness) directed that you had to work with your office door closed. So I would often close the door, turn off the light, and catch some shut-eye on the floor. I never got caught, which shows how high-paced and important that job was.

Here, I do have my own office, but the door is glass so napping is a no-no. The office next to mine is temporarily empty and dark and oh-so-peaceful looking. If I had to stay here much longer, I might just go sleep in there. But as it is, I'm taking off in a little over an hour (Friday much?). I have to come in this weekend to prepare for a business trip I'll be taking next week so I figure, what the hell.

Sidenote: I am now down to one suit that is not in tatters. I'm wearing my favorite today but, alas, it no longer qualifies as being in one piece. I was outside earlier and saw something out of the corner of my eye come down near me. I thought it was bird shit. Instead, it was something much, much worse. Some asshole had flicked their cigarette and burned a hole in the back of my left leg. You know, I am the friendliest non-smoker you'll run into: I truly don't care if people smoke around me, I think that the whole smoking ban in bars thing is ridiculous, and so on. But I keep having run-ins with strangers' lit cigarettes. Give me emphysema? Fine. Burn my clothes? That's where you cross the line, buster.


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