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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Hep cats

Last night, Z-Ditty and I went to Bossa to go hear a friend spin in their upstairs room. I love that place - it's a firetrap, with the open flames from candles scattered about all the rooms and even along the stairs, but it's got (and you'll excuse the Californian coming out in me) such a great vibe. Low-slung couches and chairs are covered with brightly-colored fabrics, the walls are peppered with outsider art, and it's always got great music going on. The background for when I got dumped there last year came from a lively salsa band. There's nothing more disconcerting than to be sobbing in the corner and yet keep catching glimpses of happy couples whirling away in the corners of your eye.


I really do like it. And last night it was even cooler than normal. In addition to the DJ spinning reggae/electronica, they had a guy on a mike singing along with it, or as much as you can sing along with reggae. Full-disclosure: not a huge reggae fan, I peaked in 1987 with "Red Red Wine," and I know that true reggae lovers would rather rip their ears off than listen to UB40. But this guy was good. Plus they had someone painting in a corner, I guess as a way of doing performance art, and not one but two bongo drums.

One of the bongo-players was sitting right next to me. He'd chatted earlier, so I figured it was safe to lean over and ask him if he had received training on the bongos. Turns out you don't need it - just rhythm in your heart. That I don't have, but he let me play the bongos anyways. Z-Ditty was much better at it. At any rate, now I am officially a hippie. All I need is my hacky-sack and some clove cigs and I'll be all set.

Along those lines, in my new life as a hippie (and also partially because I was a wee bit tired this morning), I decided not to wash my hair today. And of course I got tapped to go do an interview. This happens every time I opt out of grooming myself properly. I should skip showers for a week - I'd probably end up on CNN. Let's hope they have some serious shine-control makeup at the studio.


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