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Friday, October 28, 2005

A brief respite

I take up my pen (in a manner of speaking) to bid you a temporary farewell. I will be taking a break from this blog for a couple of weeks as I will be busy...moving to Texas.

Yup, I decided it was time to tint that red state with a hint of blue. Also (and the real reason), The Texan is there. So my cat Shrapnel and I shall be moving to be with him and his dog in San Antonio.

While I will miss my friends in DC tremendously, thanks to the internet and cell phones, I know we will keep in touch. And now I get to sniff out all the fun places to hang out in a new city. Plus, I'll have a great excuse to buy real-deal cowboy boots.

I've been in DC for eight years - the longest I've lived anywhere in my adult life, by far - and I've got this place down pat. But it never hurts to shake things up; and The Texan and I will be back, hopefully when there's an administration change in a few years. This kind of change is scary but also liberating. For example, I've been culling things out of my office and condo for the past couple of months, which is something you should do every so often anyways. Lighten your karmic load, if you will.

Probably the biggest lifestyle change is that I will - gasp! - have to buy a car. The thought of no longer being a prisoner to WMATA's whims is a good one, but I will miss walking to work every day. SA, however, isn't a walking kinda town: one needs wheels in order to get anywhere. So after the dust has settled from my move, I get to go car-shopping.

Best of all, I get to be with The Texan. While we've been doing the long-distance thing just fine, I'm tired of it and ready to see him every day.

Anyways, it seems rather appropriate that this is happening right around the time of the one-year anniversary of this blog (that's the paper anniversary, for those of you out frantically shopping for my gift) (Hello? Anyone?). Things are changing. See you in a few weeks.


  • At 7:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    you'll be missed

  • At 5:36 PM, Blogger Scully said…

    I'll miss you but I'm so happy you and the Texan will actually be in the same state!

    And when there's an administration change, I will allow myself to travel to the states again. I miss DC.

    Happy Anniversary.

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